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More on Grades

Yesterday I wrote about the new grading policy at Georgia State University. One of the oddities I experienced on my day off yesterday was a minivan exiting my subdivision. That is not that odd, but the bumper stickers and license plate frames were. Here’s a sampling:

“Grades are for meat and eggs, not for children.”
“Schools are for fish”
“More babies prefer to be born at home.”

I don’t know why people think keeping score or grading performance is detrimental to children. One would think that the earlier you expose people to how real life is, the better equipped they will be to deal with it when their food/clothing/shelter depend on it.

As for the babies being born at home – I would prefer to have my teeth cleaned at home. It would be much more comfortable and convenient for me. I would have preferred to have my wisdom teeth removed at home. But what kind of sense does that make? If something went wrong, would you have to the wide breadth of experience and equipment at your disposal in your house? That’s unlikely.

I have no idea who this ‘neighbor’ of mine is, but I am not sure we would get along too well.

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