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“Good Technology” Sold Separately

I am a gadget guy – no doubt about it. I do not buy every new thing that comes out, but I try to look at the market and keep up. So tonight I clicked thru an ad for the HP iPAQ hw6515. Looked pretty interesting, but probably a bit of overkill.
What I couldn’t help but notice was one of the bullets under the “At Work” features. It says:

• Good Technology (sold separately) provides two-way synchronization of all Microsoft Outlook functions

So it comes with crappy technology out of the box? Do they actually have a product called “Good Technology”?? How stupid would that be? It would be like a car having optional equipment called “Reasonable Safety”.
Go see for yourself –> The latest in mobile technology – ADA version – HP Small & Medium Business
Admittedly, I am familiar with the software competing against Blackberry. But most people aren’t – shouldn’t this marketing slick somehow indicate that “Good Technology” is a product, not just an enhanced state of being?

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