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Congrats to Barbaro!

I had the winner in my box, but neither of my other two horses finished in the top 3. Both Sinister Minister and Sweetnorthernsaint were in there in the end, but peetered out. Barbaro was steady through the first mile and then really turned it on in the end. How will he do on the short track at Pimlico?? We’ll find out in a few weeks!

Derby Day is Near!!

Tomorrow is May 6th – the first Saturday in May. That can mean only one thing – the 132nd running of the Kentucky Derby. Here’s a listing of the entrants and their post positions.
Now, if I were a gambling man (and I of course am) I would box the following horses on a $2 bet (it would actually cost $12 since you’re boxing them):
Sinister Minister
With the box, as long as these 3 horses come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in any order – I’m a winner of the trifecta payout. And this wouldn’t be the first time that happened.
Post time is 6pm. I believe NBC Sports is covering it. If you have time in the afternoon, tune in to whatever coverage you can find. Some of the undercard races are pretty exciting – although they still don’t usually stack up to the fastest 2 minutes in all of sports!

Mayday! Mayday!

Steve McCroskey: What the heck is that?
Johnny: Why, that’s the Russian New Year. We can have a parade and serve hot hors d’oeuvres…
… from Airplane!