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Peachtree Road Race Photos

Photos from the 2006 Peachtree Road Race are available here. I think I’ll probably buy one, but am debating over which one to get. The photography was good – the subject matter (me) needed improvement. To my defense, it was really freakin’ hot and humid out there…

Today I had a traning run of over 17 miles. The temperature was in the low to mid 70’s and humidity was not a factor. Too bad July 4th weather wasn’t like this.

I am not sure what or where the next race will be. There is a triathlon coming up at Lake Lanier in October that I would like to do. I will complete my MBA 3 weeks from now after 2 solid years of full-time employment and full-time school attendance. After that I should have a lot more time to train!

ptree06.bmpAnother photo finish
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  1. I think both the picture and the subject matter look TERRIFIC! I’m thrilled for you for all you have accomplished, in school, running and life. I can’t believe you will soon be running marathons!

    July 9, 2006

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