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Parents: Use Your Head

I guess this is a case of good research, poor findings. Why do shopping carts, escalators and lawn mowers need to be redesigned when these problems could be minimized by parents teaching their kids to behave and act properly around these and other objects?

Many of the 2,000 annual injuries on escalators occur when a shoe, clothing or a stroller becomes trapped in the space between the moving stairs and the side wall.
Reducing that gap would help, as would having caregivers remove children from strollers before taking an escalator, the report said.

I cannot think of a single escalator that did not have a prominent sign saying “No strollers”. Heck – the strollers probably say ‘Stay off escalators” in their instruction manuals.

Some children got injured when they were trapped in carts, or fell off while riding on the outside or while standing up inside the basket, the report published in the academy’s journal, Pediatrics, said.
The group urged doctors to support changes in cart designs. Meanwhile, parents ought to consider using strollers or wagons, shopping online from home or encouraging children to walk when they are old enough to do so.

More common sense here – sit down in the buggy. If you are too big to sit, then you need to walk on your own. But by all means parents – if you are this ignorant, please take their advice of staying home to shop. Stay home in general. Don’t go outside. A meteor may drop out of the sky and injure you or your child.
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