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Xterra Maintenance at Carriage Nissan is A-OK

Great coffee at Carriage Nissan

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Waiting on my Xterra’s oil change isn’t all bad with the morning’s Wall Street Journal and some excellent coffee brewed just for you. The Keurig coffee makers are the bomb. If you could just get a k-cup of a Starbucks blend!!

Training Ride Today

Brian's New Ride

Brian’s New Ride

Originally uploaded by Mike.

Today was a regular training ride. Just did 13 miles since it was raining and cold. Cold on its own is ok. Raining on its own is ok. But cold and raining sucks. To top it off, the greenway was covered in training groups. Large training groups. Filled with people who think that the 12 foot wide trail is there for them to fill. Come on people, don’t run more than 2 abreast. One chick said “I don’t like all these cyclists out here.” Listen lady, I’m hugging the side of the trail as it is. You’re FIVE ACROSS!!! What do you expect. There was almost a major wreck right here ’cause another cyclist was coming form behind them.
OK. I think my rant is over.
Last weekend was a training ride around Stone Mountain and then out and back to Clarkston and the area I grew up. It was a pretty good ride. Brian got to try out his new ride (the 2006 QR Kilo) and Laura saw some snow flakes while tooling around on her 2006 Giant OCR1. Our goals for 2007 are pretty ambitious, but I think that we can push each other to realize them.

Laura on her 2006 Giant OCR1 in Snowflake Lane

Laura on her 2006 Giant OCR1 in Snowflake Lane

Originally uploaded by Mike.


Trump v. Rosie

I don’t get into this celebrity crap, but it is funny to see them scrap with one another. I think at the end of the day, Trump gave this chick a second chance. She’s 21 – it’s easy to screw up at 21.
Come to think of it, didn’t Barbara Walters essentially give Rosie a second chance by bringing her on The View after Rosie failed to be able to hold down a successful talk show on her own??
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The Minimum Wage – Read Between the Lines

Democrats, who draw support from organized labor, point to studies that conclude a modest increase would cause no significant job loss. They also cite a recent survey that found most small business owners believe it would not hurt them. In fact, most small businesses already pay above the minimum wage.

Why is organized labor interested in raising the minimum wage? A large percentage of these workers are teenagers. Another significant chunk are people working part time (for a variety of reasons). Most of them do not belong to a union (and therefore do not pay union dues) so why do the unions care? Because many of the collective bargaining agreements that are in place have built in salary increases that kick in automatically for union employees if the feds increase the minimum wage – that’s why. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the poor. It’s all about lining their own pockets.
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I Must Be Having a Fantastic Off-Season

Find yourself petting your bike and glancing at your running shoes. These are all signs that you had a good off-season.

Yep, that about sums it up for me.
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