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It’s OK to Mow Down Bicyclists in Illinois

I linked to the article below. Basically, this dim-wit teenager was downloading ringtones to her phone while driving. She veered far enough to the right of the travel lane to hit a bicyclist traveling in the same direction with the driver’s side of the car. The DA did not feel this was reckless behavior.

State’s Attorney Julia Rietz made the call not to lodge any more serious charge than improper lane usage against Stark, saying that the legal definition of recklessness, to sustain reckless homicide or reckless driving, did not fit her actions.

I don’t get it. Sounds like involuntary manslaughter to me. Maybe the feds should investigate and see if the cyclists civil rights were violated. Yeah, having to live with this would suck, but the perpetrator has several priors. Having to live with it isn’t enough.
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