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The End of an Era Draws Near

Usually when you hear the words “the end of an era” they are attached to a pleasant memory. For me, the Reggie Ball era at Georgia Tech will be remembered as one of frustration.
He became the first true freshman to start at quarterback for Tech in 2003. It was a season of building and one that brought hope for the future. 2004 and 2005 progressed well and it seemed the team was going to be poised for big things in 2006. Unfortunately, you never knew which Reggie Ball was going to show up to the game.
One thing that is clear is that he is not a passer. He throws the ball up but does not complete a high percentage of passes. Imagine what Calvin Johnson’s colllege career would have been like with someone who could actually complete a pass taking snaps under center. Tech probably would’ve been undefeated this year.
So Tech is going to play West Virginia in the Gator Bowl. Big deal. It should’ve been the Orange Bowl this year. Anything less is disappointing. As for Reggie, I hope he’s gotten a good education down at the North Avenue Trade School. He might have a future as a backup running back somewhere, but he shouldn’t hold his breath.

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