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Is Moe’s Set to Take over the World??

I am a big fan of Moe’s Southwest Grill. However, I have to wonder how they will grow with their menu structure. Don’t get me wrong – the food is great. The service is great. I wouldn’t change a thing – except how you order it.
Let’s look at burritos. You have 4 choices – the Art Vandalay, the Joey Bag of Donuts, the Triple Lindy, and the Homewrecker. When you view the menu, it looks overwhelming. They all seem pretty much the same. The Art has no meat, but all the trimmings. The Joey has your choice of meat, but no sour cream or guacamole. The Triple is the same as the Joey plus your choice of sour cream or guacamole. The Homewrecker has both sour cream and guacamole on it. These are pretty subtle differences.
A scenario that I see play out almost any time I’m in a Moe’s is someone will come in and order something like a Homewrecker. When they’re getting the fixings put on, they’ll say “no sour cream”. The person preparing the burrito then says “well, that’s not a homewrecker”. So now the customer has been corrected.
This has happened so many times that I realized that they have broken the golden rule of user interface design – they made the customer think. I don’t want to think. I want a burrito with X, Y, and Z on it and you should figure out what the heck it is when I get ready to check out and charge me appropriately. I know they like the cute names, but it just overcomplicates things. You can boil four menu items down to one:

    Burrito w/ cheese, salsa, lettuce ($x.00)

  • add Meat ($x.00)
  • add sour cream or guacamole ($x.00)
  • add sour cream and guacamole ($x.00)

I’ve got a few friends who like going there if I go since I can boil it down for them like this – otherwise they don’t go. I wonder how many people feel this same way and what impact the menu has on same store sales growth on this fantastic franchise.

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