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What is the swim start of a triathlon like??

Triathlon season is fast approaching (I just have to get through 2 marathons first!). Many of you wonder what the swim leg is like with all those people around you. This 30 second clip pretty well sums it up (hat tip to Brian G.):

I’ll have to incorporate this into my training regimen.

There must be an Alabama joke in here somewhere…

Go get a map and follow this logic:

Gay’s odyssey began Sunday, when he escaped from a prison transport van in South Carolina during a bathroom break. He was being taken from Georgetown, Texas to face felony theft charges in Alabama. Police think his motive was to visit his dying mother in Tennessee — and he almost made it.

None of this would have happened if the driver had not been from Alabama. The whole way back on the freeway he must have been seeing signs that said “See Rock City” and instead of taking the fugitive straight to the jail in Alabama, they kept going to South Carolina. Really – how else would you end up in South Carolina traveling from Texas to Alabama?? That’s just messed up.
Read for yourself -> Fugitive Accused Of Stealing Singer’s Bus Nabbed

Adios to Bob Nardelli

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Bob Nardelli has resigned as CEO and Chairman of The Home Depot. Nardelli has been there six years and has been entangled in controversy over his compensation ever since. To add insult to injury, his severance package is worth approximately $210 mm, of which $20 mm is cash. I wish someone would pay me that kind of money to quit my job.
The only upshot to this is the stock is up 4% in pre-market trading. Maybe we’ll get someone good leadership in there and Home Depot will rejuvenate as a company.
As a stockholder and a frequent shopper, one thing I would like to see is the return of customer service. Ever since the introduction of the self-checkout lines I have noticed a trend of decreasing help. It used to be that if you walked into the plumbing department, you were greeted by someone who used to be a plumber who could offer assistance and advice. These days, you rarely even see anyone in a particular department with any specialization (just my observations, your mileage may vary). Then to top it off, there is usually only 1 manned checkout – the rest is self-checkout. Self checkout is fine if you’re buying nice shrink wrapped products. But when buying lumber, sheet rock, fertilizer, and other bulky stuff it’s not even an option.

2007 Resolution Run – My New 10K PR!

Today was the annual Resolution Run put on by the Atlanta Track Club. This year it was way out in North Cobb county off of Barrett Pkwy. A 5K and 10K were offered, with the 10K encompassing two laps of the 5K course.
It was a pretty good day for running. The sky was fairly clear, temperature around 50, but there was a solid 10-15 mph breeze hitting you. The volunteers were great, the course was well marked, and aside from several pocks in the pavement just big enough to wrench your ankle there was nothing to complain about. In the words of one of the old men running around me “you’re not going to find a much flatter course to run anywhere around here.” He was right. That’s not to say this coures was flat – rolling is the best description. But compared to some of the places I train, it sure felt flat!
So enough about the course – what about me? I think my first my split was around 7 minutes 45 seconds. I had been looking at my gps and thinking it was wrong. But it’s never been wrong before over a whole mile, just here and there when there were a lot of trees affecting its satellite signals. I backed off a tad, and hit the 5k mark at 25:12. This was quite exciting. My goal was just to be sub 55 minute. I kept my emotions in check and proceeded to manage the course to keep everything in line.
My finish time – 51 minutes, 20 seconds. Yeah, baby! My old official PR was 58:00 at the 2006 Possum Trot in June. It was warmer that day, but that course is much flatter too, so I think it’s a fair time comparison.
All in all, not a bad way to start 2007.

Happy New Year! and My New Year Resolution (not!)

Nice Personalization…

Originally uploaded by Mike.

I’m not big on making new year resolutions. If you have a goal in mind, you should quantify it and set it at that time. There is no point waiting around until January 1 to say you’re going to do something. I decided to train to run a marathon within 1 year in the middle of February. Going back to school was a decision I made in September (2000).

One resolution people seem to make year after year is to get organized. That’s a good one to make, as far as resolutions go. For you on that bandwagon, I’ll recommend a couple of books by David Allen that helped me out in that endeavor a few years ago (a May goal for me, as I recall). Getting Things Done is the quintessential book on personal organization.

Through all of my years of education, all the way through a Master’s degree, there has never been a day where organization was discussed. Sure, teachers always told you that you needed to be organized to do x, y, or z – but they never gave you any inkling on how to do that. Allen’s book is a no-nonsense approach. I really like it because it can be scaled to fit the needs of any individual. It’s the best $9 you’ll spend (if you click through that link that is). Once you get your act together, check out his other book Ready for Anything.

So what does the picture I’ve attached have to do with getting organized?? Check out the address block. It’s to “Occupant, or Current Resident.” That’s a real nice touch, I’ve only lived here 6 1/2 years. I’m glad that the Forsyth County News has their act together. I’ll tell the story of why we got their paper for 6 months on another day (we didn’t ask for it). In the mean time, I’m going to go occupy my current residence and bask in the anonymity of it all.