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2007 Resolution Run – My New 10K PR!

Today was the annual Resolution Run put on by the Atlanta Track Club. This year it was way out in North Cobb county off of Barrett Pkwy. A 5K and 10K were offered, with the 10K encompassing two laps of the 5K course.
It was a pretty good day for running. The sky was fairly clear, temperature around 50, but there was a solid 10-15 mph breeze hitting you. The volunteers were great, the course was well marked, and aside from several pocks in the pavement just big enough to wrench your ankle there was nothing to complain about. In the words of one of the old men running around me “you’re not going to find a much flatter course to run anywhere around here.” He was right. That’s not to say this coures was flat – rolling is the best description. But compared to some of the places I train, it sure felt flat!
So enough about the course – what about me? I think my first my split was around 7 minutes 45 seconds. I had been looking at my gps and thinking it was wrong. But it’s never been wrong before over a whole mile, just here and there when there were a lot of trees affecting its satellite signals. I backed off a tad, and hit the 5k mark at 25:12. This was quite exciting. My goal was just to be sub 55 minute. I kept my emotions in check and proceeded to manage the course to keep everything in line.
My finish time – 51 minutes, 20 seconds. Yeah, baby! My old official PR was 58:00 at the 2006 Possum Trot in June. It was warmer that day, but that course is much flatter too, so I think it’s a fair time comparison.
All in all, not a bad way to start 2007.

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