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Random Thoughts and a Brief Recap of My Podium Finish

Is it pretentious to do a sprint distance triathlon as a brick workout when you’re training for a 1/2 iron or full iron distance event?? I did just that a few weeks back and ended up in first place in my division!! I woke up after a night of storms – had a flat tire on my bike (nothing new there – you ride enough miles and inevitably run over glass or something and get a flat). Went to the triathlon parking lot, fixed my flat, paid cash for the entry fee, went out and got first. Overall I was around 57th out of over 300 finishers. Gotta get a bike set up for time trialing and I’ll be all set. The water temp was in the 60s, so the extra buoyancy and warmth of a wetsult would’ve helped, too.
I’m trying to figure out how to improve safety, and about the only thing I can come up with is some sort of licensing scheme. But the issuance of racing licenses would be difficult to administer (just look at the DMV). I think of this because during the bike leg one of the leaders was hit (or ran into – not exactly sure which) a mini-van on the course. I wasn’t far behind him and when I first came through he wasn’t moving at all. His bike was separated from the fork – the fork was separated from the wheel. I did see him move when I came back through (it was roughly .5 miles to the turnaround point). I got reports later that he was totally banged up, but would do OK once he got to the hospital. Dude probably knew what he was doing and it was just one of those freak accidents that happen – licensing probably wouldn’t have helped.
It’s really nice to be able to eat an average of 3700 calories a day and still lose weight. The flip side to this is that it’s really a chore to consume 3700 calories in a day. I guess I could just got get a few Big Macs and french fries and be done, but they really need to be a healthful 3700 calories. 50% carbs, 25% protein, and 25% fat is the fuel mixture I’m shooting for right now.
The Macon Rock and Rollman (Ironman 70.3 distance) event is just 2 weeks away!! This weekend was a sort of iron weekend. Friday was a 2700 yard swim (1.5 miles), Saturday was a 52 mile bike ride (with a flat at mile 49 – curses!!) and today was a 13 mile run. I’ve always been a cyclist, but I really love the simplicity of running. You just gotta lace your shoes up and go. There is no drive train to clean and oil, no flats to fix, and the road rash is much less severe.
Does Initech have an electronic version of the cover sheet for their online TPS reports?? Surely they went online with those things after the fire. I’m sure they kept Hawaiian shirt day on Friday.

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