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2 Days Out / May Recap

I’m 2 days out from the Macon Half Ironman. Really it’s just 1 day and a wake-up. Am I ready? You betcha.
Things that are out of my control:
Other participants
I often wonder whether I’m physically ready. This is the worry of the self-coached athlete. You get lots of advice, read lots of books and articles, maybe even use a plan from Training Peaks… but you just don’t know until you get out there. My training in the month of May looked like this (with the last week being a taper week, thus the avg weekly mileage won’t look exactly right if you do the math):
Swim 22330.42 yd (roughly 12.6 miles)
Bike 212.15 mi
Run 61.09 mi
48+ hours of total training logged, for an average of 16 hours each week. Again, that weekly average is a little skewed due to reduced volume this week.
All in all I feel ready. I’ve got my checklist. I think I have my A-game. I have my sunscreen. I have four marathons under my belt. And I have 8 hours to finish if it turns out to just not be my day. Since it’s my first half-iron distance event, I won’t obsess over time. I’m just going to enjoy my day and relish the fact that I am able to swim – bike – run a distance that most people don’t even want to drive a car!

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