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What am I in?? Read on my friends, cause I’m in DEEP DOO-DOO.
Over the last 3 years or so, I’ve been working out. Maybe we’ll call it training. The first year was really just working out to lose weight. The second year, I started doing more running and what I’ll call sport-specific workouts. The third year, marathoning and triathloning. This year has seen me do a half ironman in Macon.
At some point, working out stopped and training began. I didn’t know training for what, but I think I know now. You see, the last 3 years I’ve been training to train. Learning to train. Figuring out what it meant to train. Sure, I still wrote code and managed projects for 8 hours a day. But I also started working out for at least 30 minutes a day. Sometimes running a couple of hours a day. Eventually, waking up at 4 am to bike and run for 2 hours and squeeze in another hour in the pool at lunch and then doing something else at night. I found myself logging weeks of 20+ hours of swim/bike/run/weights – this is a part time job!
So what am I in? What does someone like me do with all this fitness?? They sign up for 2008 IRONMAN USA – LAKE PLACID !! I am 361 days out of the biggest endurance race I’ve ever contemplated. It really hasn’t hit me yet. Since completing my first marathon (and 3 more since then) back in October 2006 I’ve thought that I had the meddle to attempt Ironman. I’ve read every blog, book, article, and training plan I could get my hands on. I’ve watched 6 events in 3 countries. I’ve covered over 2000 miles in the water, on my bike, and on foot. I’ve DREAMED.
So yesterday, against all odds (there were only 800 slots available online and they sold out in less than 10 minutes), I succesfully registered. Registration was supposed to be easy – but it turned out to be an event unto itself. They had more people at onsite signup than anticipated and had to delay opening online until 1pm. When I went to lunch (skipping my high noon run – OH THE HORROR) I figured that I would come back to a press release saying there would be no online signup. And yet – there were 800 spots available. And they took my money. AND HOLY CRAP WHAT NOW!?!?!
So this morning was a brick workout. 1 hour on the bike, 40 minutes of running. It felt fantastic. At 5 am. 29 miles from home. So for those of you that think I’m crazy, just think – there are only around 350 more days of getting up at 4am to train (there WILL be a few easy days). As for me – if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it.