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One Long Weekend

Silver Comet Trail

Originally uploaded by Larry the Biker.

Last weekend was the Labor Day holiday here in the U.S. For most people, it was a weekend of relaxation, barbecues, and maybe a trip to the pool or the beach. For me, the long weekend represented a weekend to GO LONG. This was basically the final preparation for the South Carolina Half IM coming up in just 3 weeks.

Friday was a long swim. 2750 yards isn’t really that long, but the 1.2 mile swim I’ll face at the end of the month only represents 2112 yards, so 2750 puts me in really good shape. The rest of the day was spent eating and resting (yes, work counts as rest when you’re a desk jockey) to get ready for the next day’s workout.

Saturday was a day of bike tune up and riding. I got in roughly 32 miles on my Suwanee / Buford / Sugar HIll loop. By the time I got out there traffic had really picked up. It wasn’t as enjoyable of a ride as it could be, but I replaced my tires, lubed everything up, and the bike itself felt great. The rest of the day was spent eating and resting for the next day’s workout. Notice a trend forming??

Sunday was my day to run long. I did 15 miles on the Suwanee Greenway. They had closed a portion of the trail for construction of a new bridge. Progress is good, but that took away almost 3 miles of trail from me (really 6 since that’s an out-and-back portion). So, I had to improvise a route. It was really repetitive, but I suffered through it pretty well. My legs felt great at the end, so I couldn’t really be happier. The rest of the day was spent eating and resting… blah blah blah.

Monday I went out and rode the Silver Comet trail to Rockmart. The comet is cool if you just need to get in some saddle time. There are bridges, tunnels, and scenic countryside along the route. Unfortunately, there really aren’t any hills to speak of since this is an abandoned train track. But there are a lot of people in spots, so you can get in some practice dodging them. I’ll be back out there, but it can’t be my exclusive training site. I rode around Rockmart a little bit since my mom grew up there. Total ride was just over 60 miles.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend. I loved getting all the rides and run in. Having to eat as much as I did got really tiring. Almost sickening. But all in all it was good and I can feel all the progress I’ve made since doing the Macon Half. Bring it on!

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