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Rough Training Week

This has been a rough week of training. Going long on labor day weekend left my energy stores depleted. Friday night I passed out around 7pm and didn’t get up until around 9am the next morning. Ok – I was up a few times to let the dogs out and such, but by and large I was asleep. Here’s the 50,000 foot view of my training stats for the week:
Time – 13 hours 35 minutes
Swim – 3500 yards. This is pathetic. That’s almost 2 days worth of workouts. So for my excuses – Monday, the pool was closed for labor day. Friday, the pool was 89 degrees because some moron cranked up the thermostat to 90. It was nasty hot. I’m just glad I got 2500 in on Wednesday or the number would look even worse.
Bike – 115 miles. Fantastic. Roughly 4 hours on the road and 3 hours in spin class. Yeah, the mileage in spin class is an estimate. But I’m conservative in the estimate and I work much harder on a spin bike than I usually have to on the road.
Run – 20 miles. I missed two runs this week. No big deal. It would’ve been 8.5 miles of junk if I’d gone out there, Today was a long run of 16.7 miles. I’m really happy to get those in. I’m still in marathon form. Could’ve gone further today if necessary, but the next marathon is at least 7 weeks away so no need to push it 3 weeks before a half iron distance triathlon. The other 3.3 miles were part of a bike-run brick on tuesday morning. Again, a quality workout.
So this week really was quality. It was a good week to recover some. We’ll see what next week brings.

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