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Dawn Takes Grease Out of the Way


Originally uploaded by Mike.

We’re 19 days from the South Carolina Half Ironman. Of course the rest of life continues at its usual pace.

Today was the annual vet checkup for Murray and Angus. In addition to their usual shots and bloodwork, Angus picked up a glob of grease on his back paw. We tried to get it out using towels, water, and soap but nothing worked. When the vet asked if we needed any heartworm or flea/tick stuff I said no, but I’d really like some puppy degreaser.

Enter Dawn dishwashing detergent. They said it was safe for use in a regular bath for our dogs. So… Angus did not get a regular bath, but he did get a thorough paw scrub when we got home. And sure enough, Dawn took the grease out of our way. So if you need to get clay out of your dog’s coat or in this case grease, try Dawn. It saved my carpet.

Now for today’s workout: It was return of swamp thing to the pool. My goal was to start off right and keep a good feel for the water. Mission accomplished. 3000 yards in 1 hour 7 minutes. I did a few long sets and mixed in some faster sets with recovery.

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