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The Common Cold


Originally uploaded by Mike.

Murray wanted to make the blog today, so he developed the respiratory problem that Angus had at the end of last week. Just a little coughing, reverse sneezing, and general lazing around. I was prepared for this and still have some puppy anti-histamines left over. Those seem to be helping and hopefully he’ll be better soon.

Now for today’s workouts. Tuesday is almost always a brick day. For the ride, it was 55 minutes on a spin trainer and roughly the equivalent of 16.5 miles. A quick transition in the locker room and then I was out for a 4.7 mile run in 49 minutes.

Early in the run we saw a doe out around Simpsonwood on Jones Bridge Circle. She froze in the road and stared at us, then shot off like lightening. This prompted me to finish my research on a new camera to take out on runs and rides. Stay tuned…

The days are definitely getting shorter. Spin starts at 5:15 am. It’ll always be dark then. But on brick days we were getting out to run at 6:20 knowing that first light of day was close by. Today it was almost 7 before it started to lighten up.

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