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Keeping It Real

It’s 6 am. Do you know where your triathlete is??

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Training plans look great on paper, but life often gets in the way. Friday morning usually brings my 3rd swim of the week, but I’ve got to drop the puppies off at the vet at 8am in the morning. With only 16 days left until the South Carolina Half Ironman, I didn’t feel like it was time to just blow off a workout. So I went to swim at lunch.

This was the first time I’ve swam in the middle of a work day and it was surprisingly challenging. I’ve been changing the workouts up over the last few years, but one constant that has remained over the last year is that I only swim before work or on weekends, never in the middle of a workday. Of course at 5:15 this morning I did back-to-back 1 hour spin classes, so maybe that contributed to the funk a little. Who knows?

Stats for today:

Like I said above, I did 2 hours worth of spin this morning. Based on heart rate and exertion I estimate that to be around 38 miles on the spin trainer. For lunch I had 1800 yards in the pool in roughly 45 minutes. I did slow sets of 250 yards (with a 50 yard cooldown at the end) with lots of recovery in between. The water felt great, but it was difficult. Today was the first time I had a 2nd workout after doing 2 hours in the morning.

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