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Is it Fall yet?

An Empty Stretch

Originally uploaded by Mike.

The calendar still says Summer – at least for the next 6 days. Today sure felt like Fall though. It was actually somewhat chilly on the 30+ mile ride I took on the Silver Comet today. Looks like it was just a fluke as a result of Humberto, though. The 10 day forecast shows highs returning to the low to mid 80’s.

Oh well. It was a great day for a ride. I took this photo with my new camera, while riding! I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I’m still learning how to use it, but all indications are it was the perfect choice for my endurance adventures.

What’s really amazing about this photo is that there is no one else in it. The comet was packed all morning. It was amateur hour in some places, but by and large people were minding their manners. I only wish that people would use some common sense when stopping, turning, and when their cell phone rings. One lady put me in extreme danger when she was wobbing her bike at 6 mph down the middle of the trail while talking on her cell phone. IDIOT!!!! Oh well – I’m not going to turn this into a bitch session. It was a great day.

Stats for today’s workout – 32.32 miles in 1 hour 53 minutes. Roughly 17.2 mph. Pretty good given that we started down at Floyd Rd and had a lot of crossings and people to contend with.

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