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Good Goes Around


Originally uploaded by Mike.

There are two kinds of cyclists in this world – those that have been stuck on the side of the road far away from where there started or where they are going, and those that will be. I’ve been there, and today was Mike’s turn (pictured right).

I was on my way home to deal with a plumbing issue when I saw him toss his helmet in disgust. Figuring he was out of tubes or something, I turned the Xterra around to offer help. Turns out his chain broke. Yikes. All I could offer was a ride. Perhaps this is a warning for me to carry a couple of links and a tool in case this happens to me at Lake Placid.

So after a roughly 15 minute car ride I had him back where he started. Turns out he’s training to do a full ironman and some marathons, too. We chatted up about some local triathlons and he talked about how cool the 5430 Sports series out in Colorado is. I’m definitely going to have to check them out one day. I don’t know whether we’ll see Mike again, but it was good to help a fellow cyclist out. Hopefully good does go around and someone (friendly, not psycho-killer) will help me out when I get stuck in the future.

DISCLAIMER: I knew what I was doing. I could tell he was a cyclist and most likely not a psycho killer. So if you’re thinking about giving me the WTF were you thinking lecture – save it.

Stats for today:

Just a swim. 2600 yards in sets of 500 (plus 100 yard warmup) in just under 1 hour. The pool felt great and my legs were happy to rest.

Stats for last week:

It was a great week. 7100 yards in the pool, 87 miles on the bike, and 22 miles running in just over 12.5 hours of training. I should’ve had a slightly higher volume, but I tried to focus on quality in every aspect and FEELING the water and the road. Everything is checking out ok and I’m starting to feel primed for the South Carolina HIM!!!

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