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It’s 5:45 am at the Fowler YMCA

It’s 5:45 am at the Fowler YMCA

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And all these people beat me here. That was Monday. Today I got there just before 5 and there were people lined up to get inside. This is nothing new – I’ve witnessed it over the past 5 or 6 months. It’s simply amazing to me. I used to work out at Gold’s Gym in the mornings and there were never this many people there. Granted, they didn’t have basketball, a swimming pool or an indoor track. But STILL??

Today was a brick day. It started with a 55 minute (or so) spin class (a roughly 17.5 mile equivalent) in a hot room. I normally will drink around 24 ounces of Powerade in a 1 hour spin, but today I drank the full 32 ounces. I felt like dog meat. I was sweating like a pig. Maybe it’s always like that and with the different music I was just more in tune with the pain. I don’t know.

It was great to finally get outside of that musty room for a 3.5 mile run. It was hard to get my legs under me, and REALLY hard to run in the dark. The sun didn’t poke it’s head over the horizon until after 7 and by then I was back to the Y. Total of roughly 39 minutes on the run. Sad – I know people who can run a 10K in that time AFTER swimming 8/10 of a mile and biking 25 miles!!!! Oh well – I can’t compare myself to them.

The day was rounded out with a 1 hour martial arts class. Roughly 30 minutes of it was fighting technique – the other 30 minutes was a mix of cardio and core work.

As you can see by the post time, I’m up later than I wanted to be. Tomorrow will bring a long run in the morning. Hopefully my body will be up for it!!!

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