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Gear Check for the South Carolina Half Ironman

Me in My Blue Seventy Wetsuit

Originally uploaded by Mike’s Adventures.

Taper time is rough on everyone. For the athletes it means weight gain and irritability. For those around us it means listen to us bitch about weight gain and dealing with our general irritability.

Today I rented a Blue Seventy suit. I tried it on again when I got home with my tri shorts and just verified that I could breathe, swim, and not hate life. That’s about all I can say. I’m not hating life in it. I’m getting the creeps looking at this picture though.

The recap of the Silver Comet ride is coming, I promise. I cleaned up some of the pictures today so that the lighting was right. All that is left is to write the narrative and throw in some pictures here to tell the story.

Today’s Workouts: NONE.

On tap for tomorrow is an easy 10 in my running shoes.

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