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Frequently Asked Questions about the South Carolina Half

Steep grades ahead – is that a challenge?

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Here are my answers to the two questions I’ve fielded the most over the past week with some additional thoughts aimed at no one in particular.

Q) Do you think the bike course will be hilly?
A) I’m prepared for it to be, but based on the elevation profile you can find on the official website I don’t think it will be quite as difficult as Macon was. Of course all it takes is a strong headwind and you’ll think it was hilly.

Just because I went for a 114 mile ride on the comet last week doesn’t mean I’m preparing for a flat bike route. It just means that I didn’t feel the need to kill myself a week and a half before the race.

Q) Do you think it will be wetsuit legal?
A) I don’t know. I figured once I procured one that a heat wave would break out (it kind of has – it was 90 yesterday). You should’ve been in the pool or lake more to better prepare yourself. My experience has been that the more prepared I am, the less fear I have.

Fear is a giant limiter. You’ve got to find a way to minimize that fear. A little fear is good, even healthy. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Your success is not determined on race day, but in the months of training leading up to it. A magical water temperature of 78 or below isn’t going to make up for the time you didn’t spend in the pool.

Now on to today’s workouts. It was a brick day, starting with a 5:15 spin class – strength ride. Since it’s a taper week, I held back a little and didn’t go for the full hour. 42 minutes on the bike and I figure roughly 12 miles. I then put my running shoes on and ran 2.1 miles in 20:03. Mentally I wanted to run slower than that, but my feet kept the turnover at that pace so there wasn’t much I could do. I would’ve adjusted if it were going to be a longer run than that.

Only 4 more days separate me from running the South Carolina Half Ironman to become a 2-time finisher of that distance!!!

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