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2007 Triathlon Season is in the Books

I executed my strategy this past Sunday and came away with a respectable finish. My time was 7 hours 10 minutes, although the posted results show 7:22:00. Here’s the scoop on the time differential and my race recap.
My swim time could’ve been better. My friend had extreme anxiety on shore so I didn’t start in my assigned wave. Should’ve been no big deal since it was chip timed and you had to cross a timing mat before going in the water. In marathons we call this seeding ourselves accordingly. It shouldn’t have been a problem for me to start further back. Unfortunately, my time reflected the 12 minutes of the original wave assignment rather than when I checked into the swim start. Oh well. No biggee. I’m not that hung up on time. Then my friend had a flat out panic attack in the water. After about 750 yards the panic went away and we swam. Take away the panic attack and the 58 minute swim would’ve been more like 48.
I see a good sale going on wetsuits, which combined with a gift certificate I got for my b-day should get me in the wetsuit I rented this weekend for about $100. That’s awesome since it’s a $300 suit!! What does that mean?? Lot’s more open water swim training starting as early as February. It’s just gotta be above 55 or so with the full suit to swim. Sounds crazy, I know. I think the panic attack was brought on by getting in a big, dark lake and swimming out into it. So we’ll work on that in the off season to see what works to psychologically get past it.
There was a nasty headwind and less than perfect roads on the bike course, which slowed me down on my cheap ass road bike by 1.5 mph under my planned pace. I just managed my power output and tried to ignore speed as much as I wanted to hit 18.7 mph on average.
This was probably my last race on this bike. I’ll probably stick to road geometry, but get a stiffer and lighter frame, much better component group, and a lighter engine (that’s me). I’ve gained a lot of strength and power output and it’s time to channel that into a higher end machine. With white bar tape. Hahahaha.
My half marathon time was just over 2 and a half hours, so I shaved somewhere around 12 minutes off my run time from last June. I felt great on the run. It was only around mile 10 that I felt any real fatigue. It was hot out in the sun in the middle miles of the 6 mile out and back course that we had to run twice.
This is my 2nd triathlon put on by Setup Events. They really do a great job putting on these events. The run course was very well supported both in terms of the people, but also the supplies. There were gels, pretzels, water, Gatorade Endurance, flat Coke, oranges, bananas – and that’s just the crap I remember – roughly every mile on the run course. A lot can change in a mile and it was nice to always have the whole variety of options to replenish your body. The shirts and medals were cool as was the race venue.
I’m really stoked by what this year has brought and am looking forward to pushing myself to Ironman Lake Placid next summer. For now, it’s time to bask for a few days and then start training for my upcoming marathons.

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