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Buford Dam 5k Run This Saturday

Six Mile Creek Bridge

Originally uploaded by Mike’s Adventures.

For those of you looking to run a 5k, try the Buford Dam 5k coming up this Saturday October the 6th. I don’t know the exact course, but the whole bank of the dam is flat. Whether it’s 1.5 miles long (to get 5k out and back) I don’t recall. But it’ll really be flat. And you can use great lines like “Where do I get my dam t-shirt?” and “This is the best dam course I’ve ever run”.

This is part of the celebration of the 50th birthday of Lake Lanier. Unfortunately it is over 12 feet below full pool right now, and may fall another 5 feet in October if we don’t get any rain. What would’ve been a very scenic race will be a little less-so with the exposed red clay shoreline that was once under 5-10 feet of water.

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