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Talking to Non-Cyclists

Fat Cyclist had a humorous article on talking to non-cyclists. I laughed my ass off. Some of my favorites include

To appease non-cyclists, when asked about what matters to you, you must from time to time mention friends, family, the environment, or some other such nonsense.


To explain why you pay $200 to participate in a race you have very little chance in winning: “Ever play the lotto? It’s like that, except much, much more so.”

Ain’t that the truth. People see the entry fee to Ironman Lake Placid and think I’m nuts. “You’re going to do all that to your body, and you paid HOW MUCH TO DO IT?” There’s some other good advice in that article that I’m having to employ now. You may recall my new bike, – which cost me $499.99 <wink> <wink> <nudge> <nudge>.
Check out the Fat Cyclist’s article on Bike Radar –> How To Talk to Non-Cyclists

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