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2007 is in the Books

Wow. Very few posts the last couple of months and here are 3 today. 2007 officially ends in my neck of the woods in 12 hours, but training for the year ended when I got out of the pool this morning. Here are my stats for the year:

  January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2007
Swim 217387.42 yards  / 123.52 miles
Bike 2354.04 miles
Run 864.82 miles


That’s a total of 3,342.38 miles of swimming, biking and running. I’ve included an image to help put that in perspective. It’s a total of 3,352 miles to drive from Seattle, Washington to Miami, Florida. So essentially, I swam, biked, and ran from Seattle to within 10 miles of the Miami city limits. Must’ve gotten attacked on the outskirts of town, I guess.
My run mileage was lower than I would’ve liked, thanks in part to an injury in February following the Austin Marathon. I set a new PR there, but it was over a month before I could run again (just in time for the ING Georgia Marathon). Couple that with more focus in the pool and on the bike and you have a recipe for <1000 miles of running this year.
The bike mileage is a combination of road and trainer miles. I didn't start cycling in earnest until late May in preparation for the Macon Half-Ironman. That has changed as I have a new bike and several pieces of cold-weather and rainy-weather gear. I expect to be closer to 3000 miles on the bike this time next year.
I couldn't be happier with my swimming. Moving over to the YMCA gave me access to a cooler pool and slightly easier access to getting a lane. It looks like that last statement may be changing a little as the master's swim program is moving days… SO I may be looking for a new pool in 2008. Either way, it will work out fine.
My 2007 race schedule was quite packed. You never would've known I had a bad knee injury in mid-February!! Here's a recap of my races this year –
January – Resolution Run 10k
February – Austin Marathon
March – ING Georgia Marathon
May – My Next Tri (1st in division)
June – Macon Rock & Roll Half Ironman
June – Possum Trot 10k
July – Peachtree Road Race 10k
August – Hiawassee Summer Sizzler International Distance Triathlon
September – South Carolina Half Ironman
October – South Carolina Marathon
November – Atlanta Marathon
December – Jingle Jog 5k
2008 promises to be even better. Here's to a prosperous, safe, and injury free 2008! Thanks for reading!

Carrying Portable Devices on Planes? Read this!

New TSA rules go into effect tomorrow (1/1/2008) prohibiting you from checking loose litium-ion batteries in your luggage. These are typically your spares – the ones that are actually installed in devices like your camera or phone are no problem. But if you’re like me, you’ve always got a spare camera battery charged in case you take too many pics between charging. In that case, you will be allowed to bring 2 loose batteries aboard in your carry-on items. Like the rule with liquids and gels, they must be in clear plastic baggies.
I don’t think this is terrorism related although you never can tell any more. It makes sense that in the right conditions these loose batteries could become an ignition source. The article I linked to cites an AP report about a fire on a flight that may have been sparked by a loose battery. I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Read More -> New security rules for batteries on planes | Tech news blog – CNET

Happy Retirement Al !!

Me & Al at his Retirement Party

Originally uploaded by Mike’s Adventures.

Al is retiring today after 9 years of his second career. He never called in sick and rarely did a day pass where we didn’t share a laugh on my way out. I know I’ll still see him up there from time to time, but it just won’t be the same without the ever reliable Al being at the front desk to greet us at 5 am every morning.

Which Is Funnier?

Two videos here to choose from (that probably won’t show up in your feed reader, so you’ll have to click thru). I ask you, which is funnier?
Japanese Treadmill Racing

The popular Japanese game show featuring “Hit in the Nuts”

Atlanta Marathon – What A Blister!

12:20 PM – What A Blister!

Originally uploaded by Mike’s Adventures.

This thing started forming around mile 7. The constant rain and wet pavement made my sock wet and rubbed off all the body glide I applied to my feet.

Either that medal is tiny or my blister is huge!

You can click through the photo to see other images in my Atlanta Marathon set with a little more narrative along the way.