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2007 is in the Books

Wow. Very few posts the last couple of months and here are 3 today. 2007 officially ends in my neck of the woods in 12 hours, but training for the year ended when I got out of the pool this morning. Here are my stats for the year:

  January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2007
Swim 217387.42 yards  / 123.52 miles
Bike 2354.04 miles
Run 864.82 miles


That’s a total of 3,342.38 miles of swimming, biking and running. I’ve included an image to help put that in perspective. It’s a total of 3,352 miles to drive from Seattle, Washington to Miami, Florida. So essentially, I swam, biked, and ran from Seattle to within 10 miles of the Miami city limits. Must’ve gotten attacked on the outskirts of town, I guess.
My run mileage was lower than I would’ve liked, thanks in part to an injury in February following the Austin Marathon. I set a new PR there, but it was over a month before I could run again (just in time for the ING Georgia Marathon). Couple that with more focus in the pool and on the bike and you have a recipe for <1000 miles of running this year.
The bike mileage is a combination of road and trainer miles. I didn't start cycling in earnest until late May in preparation for the Macon Half-Ironman. That has changed as I have a new bike and several pieces of cold-weather and rainy-weather gear. I expect to be closer to 3000 miles on the bike this time next year.
I couldn't be happier with my swimming. Moving over to the YMCA gave me access to a cooler pool and slightly easier access to getting a lane. It looks like that last statement may be changing a little as the master's swim program is moving days… SO I may be looking for a new pool in 2008. Either way, it will work out fine.
My 2007 race schedule was quite packed. You never would've known I had a bad knee injury in mid-February!! Here's a recap of my races this year –
January – Resolution Run 10k
February – Austin Marathon
March – ING Georgia Marathon
May – My Next Tri (1st in division)
June – Macon Rock & Roll Half Ironman
June – Possum Trot 10k
July – Peachtree Road Race 10k
August – Hiawassee Summer Sizzler International Distance Triathlon
September – South Carolina Half Ironman
October – South Carolina Marathon
November – Atlanta Marathon
December – Jingle Jog 5k
2008 promises to be even better. Here's to a prosperous, safe, and injury free 2008! Thanks for reading!

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