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Cannot Find File Created By Java IE Plug-in on Vista

The virtualized directories provided by Vista have been both good and bad to me. One thing that keeps biting me is that the privilege level that Internet Explorer has is less than what I have as a user. Thus, when I download files from the Internet or interact with certain plug-ins, I am actually dealing with a sandbox version of my file system.
Today I was generating some XML files using an IE plug-in that allowed me to connect with various systems around the public and private network. When I saved the file, I was saving it to my default Documents folder (they dropped the redundant “My” in all the folder names for Vista). I even saw the other files that were already in my Documents folder. Alas, when I opened Documents, the file I just saved wasn’t there.
What was wierder was when I regenerated the file, it showed up as being there, right next to all the normal files I could see. I was prompted “Overwrite Y/N?”. I overwrote it, when to find it and it still wasn’t there. I executed an “attrib” command on the folder thinking maybe it was hidden, but it wasn’t listed. Then it hit me – the Documents folder I saw in the save dialog was virtualized because I was running the Java plug-in for Internet Explorer. To find the file, I had to navigate to
%userprofile%AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesVirtualizedCUsersmschubertDocuments
Maybe now that I’ve written about it I won’t be caught so off guard in 3 weeks when this happens to me yet again.

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