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How I Lost Weight and Kept it Off

Yesterday I talked about my foray into what I will refer to as the modern era of my athletic endeavors. In that I mentioned that I dropped about 30 pounds in the course of 3 months back in early 2004. Some of you may wonder my secret and I will tell you that it was a product called Diet Power 4.0.
Diet Power was a product that someone like me could really get used to. I can wrap my brain around things that can be measured, tracked, and influenced. I put in my height, weight, sex, and dietary concerns and it would figure out a base metabolic rate for me. As I ate something, I logged it. If I worked out, I logged it. Every day I weighed in and logged it. With Diet Power, I could tell whether I was eating more than I was burning.
The real key is being honest with yourself and eating things that you can log and logging them accurately. This did three things for me. First, I had to look up the things that I was eating when I ate out. There were things that I thought were healthy that I found were cooked in all kinds of butter and were calorie laden. Through this self-discovery process, I found foods that I had to enjoy in moderation. Second, it made me prepare meals at home more. Third, I became concious of everything I put in my mouth. I’m surprised I didn’t try to log the toothpaste I brush my teeth with.
Diet Power would then figure out based on how much I ate, excercised, and weighed, roughly what my metabolic rate was. As long as I ended up burning more calories than I took in, I lost weight. 265 to 235 went pretty quick. The next 30 pounds have taken 3 years.
Now I know it sounds strange that a marathoner and triathlete has trouble dropping weight. At the end of the day, I have to fuel my workouts. If you’re going to do a 20 mile training run or a 70 mile ride, you have to replenish your glycogen stores or you will bonk. So I continue to log my excercise and my nutrition. I try to stay even or a little under, but sometimes hunger gets the best of me. Hey – I’m human.
Let me leave you today with this in mind – eating 100 calories more than you burn each day for a year will result in an overage of 36500 calories. 3500 calories = 1 pound. You’d gain over 10 pounds that year.
What does 100 calories look like? How about 4 Jolly Rancher candies (1 serving = 3 pieces = 70 calories). Or even 2/3 of a 12 oz. can of Coke (1 serving = 8 oz. = 100 calories).
You can try DietPower FREE for 15 Days and see for yourself.

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