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Get Your $40 Off Coupon For a Digital TV Converter Box

2009 will supposedly be the year that traditional analog television signals cease to be broadcast. In response to the people who live in caves and don’t have cable or satellite, the government has taken some of the money normally set aside for cheese and is subsidizing the purchase of up to 2 digital tv converter boxes per home.
I bring this up because even if you have digital satellite or cable, you are charged extra for the high-definition package. Yes, this gets you ESPN, Discovery Channel, and other out of market offerings in HD, but I bet if you think about your viewing habits, it is primarily the major in market stations that you watch most. You can pick up these HD signals over the air with a pair of rabbit ears for free.
Check out for more information about the conversion to digital broadcasts, what it means to you, and perhaps even pick up a coupon or two for $40 towards the purchase of a digital converter.

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