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Need CAPTCHA Technology on Your Website?

Last week I questioned the usability of CAPTCHA codes. One interesting project I found was a plug-in provider that allows you to add this technology to your website, no programming needed, for free. It’s called reCaptcha and their slogan is “Stop Spam. Read Books.”
It’s a very cool idea. They take words from books they are trying to digitize but the machine reader is having a difficult time deciphering. By adding reCaptcha to your site, you get a test of whether it’s a bot trying to exploit your form, and they decipher another scanned word.
But wait, you say – if the word was unknown by the digitizer, how does it know you entered the right CAPTCHA? There are actually two words you have to enter using this site. One word the response is known for, the other is not. If you get the one known word right, the system assumes that your entry for the second word is also correct and the scanned book is updated.
Pretty neat idea from the folks at Carnegie Mellon University.

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