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Thought For the Day

Unfortunately this thought is not swimming, cycling nor running related. But it struck a chord with me as I spend 40 hours a week dealing in the information technology world architecting and building solutions that solve business problems.

Great employees routinely overcome bad or non-existent process, ineffective leadership and governance, and messy technical architecture. Bad employees just as routinely cause even the best process designs to fail while turning elegant architecture into a tangle of spaghetti, and efficient governance into meaningless committee meetings as projects become eternal.

Read more thoughts on the connection between IT process and leadership. Ignore his rant on the CMM. The paper he cites is from 2005 using data from 2001 and takes a very United States centric view. My experience has been that overseas companies, particularly those in emerging economies have widely adopted CMM and the more recent CMMI-DEV. The reason? They don’t have 50 years of legacy methodologies / code / people that are all resistant to change. But that’s a topic for a different day.

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