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World War 3, Terminator Style?

It’s funny to look back at science fiction from the 80’s and see it turn to science fact. Unstoppable robotic kill machines that could think and act on their own was the central premise of the Terminator movies. Today the U.S. government has robotic drones that are remote controlled by humans and around 4000 of them are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The article I’ve linked for you below talks about one project that seems to be fast tracked in the department of defense is seeking to develop robots that can make decisions on their own and determine when to use lethal force.

But the Pentagon is nearly 2 years into a research programme aimed at having robots identify potential threats without human help. “The main problem is that these systems do not have the discriminative power to do that,” he says, “and I don’t know if they ever will. “The US and other governments have also set a very short timeframe to achieve such sophistication, says Sharkey. “It is based I think on a mythical view of AI.”

I should probably worry about my government building these machines and to what uses they will serve. But right now I’m more worried about other countries / groups developing the same thing. Just imagine facing an army that does not shed blood. You could argue that this would deter war, but wars as we know them have fundamentally changed. Rather than battling countries, we are battling super-empowered individuals. Mutually assured destruction does not bother them. And this is exactly the kind of tool that they would love to employ against us.
Read More – ‘Robot arms race’ underway, expert warns – tech – 27 February 2008 – New Scientist Tech

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  1. Sarah Conner #

    I’ve tried to warn them.

    February 29, 2008

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