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ING Georgia Marathon – 4 hrs 34 minutes

Training Run Report
It was cold. Maybe 42 at the start and 44 at the end? And windy at times. I missed coming in under 4 1/2 during the last 10k. It got hilly and a blister that I had on my foot made shuffling up the last 3 good hills impossible for me.
I liked the route a lot better this year. Druid Hills was around mile 17 and I cruised through there with ease. Last year that was the 13 mile mark and combined with the heat it really broke me down. There were only a couple of roads that really had a bunch of cars on them. Made for a pretty good route. Plenty of fluids on the course. A little road rage (welcome to Atlanta).
And shortly after the finish line – Five Guys Burger & Fries. No better way to get 1600 calories in one sitting if you ask me! So it was a pretty good training run. I just wanted to be in under 5 hours. Today was about testing out my nutrition plan and it worked like a champ. Never felt like I hit the wall. Never felt like I had a gut bomb (even after FIve Guys!!!).

Lance Armstrong Called Me Today

He really had a lot to say. In particular he was interested in telling me about LiveStrong Day coming up on May 13th. I was hoping he was calling in response to my numerous offers to volunteer my services as a domestique on any cycling teams he might own. But alas, there is no follow-on to the “Disco Boys” and my 34 year old body is not being called upon to ride my guts out by cycling’s all-time great.
In fact, now that I have had time to reflect on the phone call I’m wondering if maybe he was lip-syncing. You know, like Milli Vanilli. Deep down I know he really did call me, but everything was so perfect, so scripted, I just think it may have been pre-recorded.
Oh well. A guy can have his fantasies, no?