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10 Days to Ironman Lake Placid

It’s a Cold Day for a Ride

Originally uploaded by Mike’s Adventures.

I’ve come a long way since this cold day in January. I remember wearing layer upon layer and waiting for the sun to warm things up to 40 degrees so I could go ride.

This picture was taken a week before Goofy’s Challenge this year. It’s hard to imagine that 6 months ago I ran a half marathon and a full marathon on back to back days. It took a little while longer to recover than I imagined, but I am stronger for it.

Every day gets a little more real. Today, race numbers were issued. I am number 510. My number has a good history over the past 9 years. I will do my best to uphold its honor during the 10th anniversary of the race.

Taper time is going well. I am not gaining weight, but my stress level is up a little bit. I worked our for 30 minutes this morning – that’s about 1.5 hours short of a good workout! Tomorrow I’ll get in an easy 6 miles of running before work. It will be wierd not riding a bike for a couple of hours to warm up for that.

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