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Random Thoughts While Waiting on a Plane

I am sitting at gate D1, waiting to board a flight to Vermont. Gilligan just walked by outside the window. Not really Gilligan, but the pilot was lazily dragging his roll-aboard behind him toward the bus stop that would take him to his next plane. He would’ve looked a lot better, and given me more confidence in his abilities, had he been wearing a jacket. It’s a warm morning in Atlanta, so I’ll forgive him for not wearing a jacket. But he’s still Gilligan. SKIPPER!!!!
Remember when flight attendants were stewards and stewardesses. I guess it was the whole politically correct phenomenon that caused the change to “Flight Attendant”. Men didn’t like to be called stewardesses – I don’t blame them. But I think the change had unintended consequences. When you look at the root word steward, it conveys ownership and giving. Attendant just means you’re there.
I want something more than just someone to be there. You have restroom attendants – but you don’t have restroom stewards. I am afraid that the state of air travel will continue to decline to the point where the “friendly skies” are torturous and the flight attendants will only be there to make sure there is no poop on the seat.
Nitpickers corner: There are many flight attendants who provide great service. Don’t flame me.

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