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Friday Open Water Swim

Friday Open Water Swim

Originally uploaded by Mike’s Adventures.

A massively bad storm came through right around 8:15am. It passed and we finally were able to swim. The water was not as cold as I had imagined it. The wetsuit helped with that, but I swam in some really cold water at Beast of the East and it was still code even with the wetsuit.

It was wierd being able to see the bottom as you approach the finish line. It was wierd seeing fish. During the rain delay, I talked to Jim from Plattsburgh. He told me that there are actually divers out there during the race, particularly at the two turns. They’re just making sure no one gets pushed down. It’s good to know that though – I would’ve freaked if I looked down and saw a body!

The rest of the morning was been uneventful. I got checked into the race – that took about an hour. I went through the NA Sports bling tent where you can get Ironman shirts, Ironman bumper stickers, Ironman mouse pads, Ironman toilet paper… well, you get the idea. I didn’t buy anything – partly not wanting to jinx it, but partly wanting to just focus on finisher merchandise.

Pictured is the beach area around the swim finish. When you complete one loop, you run up on the beach for maybe 15 meters and then get right back in. No big deal.

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