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One Last Walk Through

IMLP Transition Area

Originally uploaded by Mike’s Adventures.

Today the transition area will become bustling with activity. Everyone will go over their bikes one last time. Transition and special needs bags will be carefully packed. In essence, the stage will be set.

I plan to get in my last open water swim in about an hour. I will then take care of a couple of matters and head back to the hotel to fill my bags. Shortly after lunch I will go check my bike and gear in. That will be it. Several years of preparation will go into the books and tomorrow will be the test to see how well I prepared.

The weather has been on and off crappy here. Yesterday afternoon brought a storm worse than yesterday morning. I really felt for anyone out on their bikes. 60 mph winds are not your friends while on a 2 wheel conveyance with just a couple of centimeters of rubber touching the road. The weather is out of my control. There is nothing I can do but hold out hope that nothing severe rolls in while I’m out there, and that anything that does roll in will move out quickly.

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