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My 3rd Grade Class

My 3rd Grade Class

Originally uploaded by Mike’s Adventures.

So I joined Facebook. No great shock there – everyone knows that I try out a lot of online communities and applications. Some I do to make my life easier (flickr and are examples) while others I just like to see what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Call it the techie within.

So, you may be surprised to know that I just joined Facebook. The surprise is that I wasn’t on it sooner. But it really took off while I was in grad school and most of us used Linked In for our professional network. It’s only been recently because of the perfect storm of an upcoming project at work and an upcoming high school reunion that I joined.

I found lots of old friends and communities around not only my high school, but also my elementary school. And that is where this gem of a photo comes in. I am in this picture. Make no mistake about it. And in 1982, I had no idea that Al Gore would create the Internet and put my class photo on it. But he did and it is here.

Guess who I am and enjoy the laugh.

10 Days to Ironman Lake Placid

It’s a Cold Day for a Ride

Originally uploaded by Mike’s Adventures.

I’ve come a long way since this cold day in January. I remember wearing layer upon layer and waiting for the sun to warm things up to 40 degrees so I could go ride.

This picture was taken a week before Goofy’s Challenge this year. It’s hard to imagine that 6 months ago I ran a half marathon and a full marathon on back to back days. It took a little while longer to recover than I imagined, but I am stronger for it.

Every day gets a little more real. Today, race numbers were issued. I am number 510. My number has a good history over the past 9 years. I will do my best to uphold its honor during the 10th anniversary of the race.

Taper time is going well. I am not gaining weight, but my stress level is up a little bit. I worked our for 30 minutes this morning – that’s about 1.5 hours short of a good workout! Tomorrow I’ll get in an easy 6 miles of running before work. It will be wierd not riding a bike for a couple of hours to warm up for that.

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