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Dear Stupid Driver on Westside Pkwy @ Cumming Street in Alpharetta

Red lights mean stop. Even if you’re turning right. I’m not sure what theory of traffic law you misunderstood to mean that you only have to slow down to 45 mph to turn right at a red light. Hopefully you got that as I was yelling at you through the window as you almost mowed me down in the cross walk.
Hopefully you will notice the pedestrians out there in the future and yield to them. Try not to kill me 369 days before my next Ironman. Ok?
Today’s run – 1 hour 9 minutes @ a roughly 72% average heart rate. I’m trying something new. I’ll let you know how it works.

I’m in. Again.

Yesterday I promised more big news and today I’m here to deliver it.
I have signed up for the 2009 Ford Ironman Wisconsin. The feeling is not weighing nearly as heavy on me as when I signed up to do Lake Placid last year. It’s not that I am over confident – I just now know what it takes. Now it’s time to learn what it takes to do it better and faster.

I am excited. Really excited. The next 371 days are going to be a lot of fun.

Hardware. Finally.

I placed 2nd in my age group this weekend in a hilly 5k. And for all of you chuckleheads who wonder – there were 9 people in my age group. So there.
I hope to have even more exciting news tomorrow afternoon. So stay tuned!

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