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Butchering National Anthems

The performance of the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events has gotten out of hand. Performed at tempo, it should take 45 seconds. Singing it should be about honoring America and those that created and defend our great country. Unfortunately at sporting events, this is no longer the case.
Tonight is a prime example. I have tuned in to watch Game 1 of the World Series, only to find the Backstreet Boys on camera to perform the Star Spangled Banner. Two and a half minutes I’d say – that’s how long it took for them to show off and promote themselves. They weren’t honoring America, they were hoping to gain some more record sales.
I am by no means singling them out. There have been many other musical acts representing all genres of performance to butcher the song. In fact – most of the time national television is not involved.
My question for the day is – is it this way in other countries?

Conformity vs Accomodation in the Workplace

I attended a webcast today that focused on cultivating and retaining key skills and knowledge on your team across generations. One question that interestingly appeared in the chat window (I don’t think they intended for us to see the question) was along the lines of

When I started at my company, I had to conform to the communication and presentation styles of my company. Why the focus now to change to the new generations coming in?

Wow. Someone attending this webcast actually had this question? I started at my new company 8 months ago, and the world has changed a lot in those 8 months. Unless you started yesterday, things have changed. Even at an old company, culture evolves (albeit sometimes slowly). Furthermore, your company may have gone through a similar exercise of preparing for Gen X’ers like myself to come into the workforce, but since you weren’t there – you wouldn’t know it.
It seems to me that you have to be constantly evolving and reinventing yourself. Keep the good qualities, refine those that need improvement. Learn new skills while honing those that make you stand out. College grads entering the workforce today don’t know the world without the Internet. They are used to texting their friends, and seeing what they are up to online. You don’t have to be into that, but you’d better be in tune with it.
Just my 2 cents…

Happy Birthday, Bike!

Me and my new bike

Originally uploaded by Mike’s Adventures.

A year ago today I brought home my new ride. I’ve put over 1200 miles on it in the past year. Yeah, it gets jealous when I go to spin class. But I’m not spinning that much any more, so I’m starting to get more road miles in.

It is time for bottom bracket maintenance and some new bar tape.