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Go Vote!

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just go vote. It’s your own little revolution, every four years.
Update 12:08PM – Evidently, it is a felony in my state (Georgia) for Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, etc to give me free stuff for voting. Makes perfect sense. I’m not sure why every state does not do this.
O.C.G.A. (Official Code of Georgia) § 21-2-570

Any person who gives or receives, offers to give or receive, or participates in the giving or receiving of money or gifts for the purpose of registering as a voter, voting, or voting for a particular candidate in any primary or election shall be guilty of a felony.

I remember growing up that there were vans that would go into impoverished neighborhoods in Atlanta, take people to the polling place, then take them somewhere to eat lunch. And reportedly, when they arrived at the polling place they were told to “Punch #37” or whatever the punch card slot number was for the candidate who provided the transportation and the meal.
I’m sure this Google gadget is getting hammered, but I had to embed it anyway.

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