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Who is Doing YOUR QA?

I was looking for some pointers on dynamic assembly loading, reflection, etc. within the .Net framework and found an assembly the author decided to call myAss:
Slipped through QA?
It really struck me that an author or publisher would want to put that verbiage out in the general domain. I went through all of the material and found many instances to myAss – so it’s not like it was overlooked. Why on earth someone did not flag that do be changed to something like myAsm is beyond me.
So that raised the question – who is doing QA and what were they tasked with? Perhaps their scope was merely to make sure the code in question functioned. That would require entering all of the code into individual projects, compiling, running, and verifying their output. Perhaps they were tasked with making sure the wording was technically and grammatically correct.
A third option is that the QA tasks were assigned to someone for whom English was not natively their first language. Given my experience in high school Spanish class, I doubt this to be the case. Learning the naughtier words of the language was virtually a requirement. Sure, we wanted to know what they were because we thought it was funny. But the teaching point was more so you did not make a fool out of yourself (or you at least could reflect on why you made a fool out of yourself) if you slipped up and mispronounced a word that ended up being dirty.
The lesson for today is that you need to have a plan of what you want to QA, how you are going to do it, and who are the right resources to perform those tasks.

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  1. Kal #

    And you can use those important Spanish words to kick some Mexicans out of the bowling alley!

    November 7, 2008

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