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Communication is the Answer

What single thing can you do to make people more satisfied in their interactions with you. I assert it is communication. It can’t simply be conversation – but needs to be thoughtful interaction. Follow up on a previous question or direction. Provide insightful information on how a transaction is progressing. Give proactive notification when something happens that adds risk to a transaction completing.
This is a tale of two eBay experiences. I purchased two items using “Buy it now” last Sunday, November 2nd. For one item, I received an email a couple of days later that it shipped along with the tracking number. Friday, the item arrived. The other item I have received no communication from the seller on, and have even tried to initiate email communications with the seller to no avail. I see feedback showing up for this seller on similar items, and some of the feedback indicates poor communication, so at this point I don’t have reason to believe I’m screwed. I’m merely concerned. And the fact of the matter is that a simple email saying “I shipped your item today via USPS parcel post” would satisfy me and give me a window to look for a package. Communication would increase my satisfaction greatly.
The same goes for the workplace. Lack of communication can zap employee morale and cause stakeholders to lose confidence in leaders. Check out this article published today in the Atlanta Business Chronicle -> Workers’ morale hurt most by communication failures.
Whether you are entering into a transactional exchange for goods, in the workplace, or thinking of buying a motorcycle at home -> crank up the communication a bit and the needs of your stakeholders are likely to be better met.

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