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Mike Schubert Version 3.0

The great thing about the Internet is the ability to start over. The hard part is starting over. There is a lot of content that I have generated over the past few years, and just because I am changing platforms does not mean I should have to leave that content behind. 

If you check out using the Wayback Machine, you will see a couple of different iterations on a website and a blog. I have come to realize I do not really need a website with a given structure per se. Rather, all I really need is a web presence that allows me to capture my thoughts, share some experiences (code, triathlons, projects, marathons, etc.) and experiment with code.

So Why Change?

I believe in reevaluating everything. In this case, my original site was a blend of HTML and the Movable Type blogging engine. That blend was a decision I made in August of 2004 when I started working on my MBA. My needs at that time were something simple that would let me get my thoughts out. Over time, I dabbled in writing add-ons and such, but the base platform was Perl and that language is not one of my strong points. Nor did I want it to be.

I am primarly a J2EE, or I guess now I'm called a JEE, engineer and architect when it comes to enterprise applications. However, I have a background in C, C++, and C# (not to mention LISP, Pascal, 8086 Assembler, and a few other languages I have limited recollection of). As a hobbyist, I prefer the .Net platform and as such I chose it to support version 3.0 of my site. On top of that, the BlogEngine.NET platform and community seems robust. I should be able to leave the plumbing to them and focus on advancing thoughts around technology, business and sport.

I am not sure where version 3.0 will take me. I have wanted to experiment with semantic web technologies as well as richer experiences. I also want to spend less time worrying about format and more on content. When I first started blogging my vision was around distributing thoughts and collaboration to the edge of the network. Then Facebook, MySpace, etc caught on and people were driven to these centralized sites. My gut tells me there is a growing movement around establishing personal points of presence on the net and turning it into a hub for this other content. Markup like APML, FOAF and SIOC (pronounced like SHOCK) will gain momentum and a new breed of social networking will take off based on machine intelligent affinity. Then the marketers and hackers will catch up and it will all be ruined. Tongue out

In any case, Mike Schubert v3.0 is launched. Let's see where this goes.

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