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Funny Story of Customer References

I have been attending a lot of vendor presentations lately. It is that time of year when we evaluate product roadmaps, new product offerings, and the marketplace in general. I hope to find new tools, frameworks and products that can be leveraged on an enterprise scale to enable our employees to work better together.

Part of this song and dance involves learning about the application of a vendor's product or technology. This includes details of customer references who have used the product and the positive impact it has created. I had to pinch myself and look at the calendar the other day when a vendor referenced Enron in a presentation. He was talking about a particular piece of technology that was developed for use at that company. I found myself asking a colleague "Did he really just use ENRON as a REFERENCE ACCOUNT?". Turns out the particular tools that were developed were not to acquired for Enron's benefit, rather to investigate them more thoroughly.

Looks like the tool was pretty effective and is on my list for further investigation. You can't make this stuff up.

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