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Finding Strength (continued) – Achiever, Responsibility

Today continues the weekly Best of Mike series with a post from August 16th, 2004. Enjoy!

Selective perception is a really funny thing. Now that I've started focusing more on my strengths and developing them further, I've picked up on people in my life reinforcing these aspects. No less than 3 times over the weekend I heard various people describe me as an 'achiever' and an 'action-oriented person' (activator). While one was my wife, the others were an old business acquaintance and someone from school. Of course, I paid the $20 on Amazon to buy this book – but whatever it takes to move forward, I'm willing to do. This is my next action.

I'm continuing to blog today about my 5 dominant strengths as highlighted by the StrengthsFinder. The 'Achiever' theme is next on the list. Boy – is this one a pain in the neck to tote around.

It brings you the energy you need to work long hours without burning out. It is the jolt you can always count on to get you started on new tasks, new challenges. It is the power supply that causes you to set the pace and define the levels of productivity for your work group. It is the theme that keeps you moving.

Yes – that explains quite a bit. As the Summer winds down for me (this is the last week before the MBA program ramps up) I find myself as a thirsty sponge. I'm looking for books to read, roads to run, weights to lift, grass to mow, and challenges to overcome. Sitting idle for prolonged periods does not suit me well.

The other theme for the day is 'Responsibility'. Here is an excerpt…

This conscientiousness, this near obsession for doing things right, and your impeccable ethics, combine to create your reputation: utterly dependable. When assigning new responsibilities, people will look to you first because they know it will get done. When people come to you for help-and they soon will-you must be selective. Your willingness to volunteer may sometimes lead you to take on more than you should.

Another nail on the head. At least it feels like a good fit. As I mentioned before, there are 34 strengths that have been identified by the Gallup Organization and your 5 dominant strengths can be found using the StrengthsFinder. I highly recommend the book Now, Discover Your Strengths to help you identify your strengths and learn how to grow them, rather than focus solely on your weaknesses.

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