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Sick as a Dog

My dogs would probably take offense to that remark, but I am sick nonetheless. Last week I started feeling run down Wednesday / Thursday and took it easy in terms of training. Saturday I thought I had simply eaten something that disagreed with me. But Sunday I went downhill and today I am not much better. I miss being in the office and I miss my training. Yesterday was supposed to be a 17 mile run, but obviously could not happen.

The good news in all this is that I am now under my goal race weight. Laughing That won't be the case once I am able to eat again, but easily dropping below my goal is a good sign that on March 28th I will be at or below my planned weight for the ING Georgia Marathon.

The plan for the next few days is to recover. Run 20 on Sunday. Ramp maintenance miles back into lunch beginning next week (weather should cooperate). Continue my focus on nutrition. This approach should get me through ING with a 'fun run' approach in good shape to hop on the road to triathlon season.

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